The author, Tapan Jindal, has been a finance professional for 12 years with extensive investment banking, corporate finance, strategic consulting and financial training experience. Tapan, a Chartered Accountant, started his professional career in investment banking division of Copal Partners (A subsidiary of Moody’s). He later joined the capital markets and consulting group of iGate Global, where he worked closely with a UK based hedge fund for assessing the investment opportunities in India. Following iGate, Tapan joined valuation team Fidelity Investments where his responsibilities included building financial models and valuing the target companies for investment purposes.

Tapan has also participated in several entrepreneurial ventures including as the co-founder of Arc Financial Services and Arc School of Finance. The author also headed the India operations of Wall St. Training (USA). Tapan currently leads FP&A function in, India's largest Auto Portal.

Tapan graduated from Panjab University and is a fellow member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Why I Wrote This Book?

In investment banking, when it comes to interview, employers expect you to be not only well prepared, but capable of doing the job from day one.

Back in 2009, when I first thought of writing a book on investment banking, one of my friends asked – There are several excellent books on the subject already published, why do you need another book? It took me back to two common questions, I came across in almost every meeting/training I had with students, professionals and analysts in early stages of their career. Almost in every interaction with the capital market aspirants/students (MBAs, CAs, CFAs, Engineers, Graduates etc.) I came across one question – How do we prepare for the interview for a role in investment banking when we have practically zero or little knowledge on the subject? And another question almost in every seminar and training in universities, business schools, professional bodies, and corporate houses, was – ‘Tapan, many of the available books are too detailed and demanding to provide a suitable introduction to the subject. Can you please recommend us a basic, but a practical book on investment banking, written in a jargon-free and reader friendly language?’

These questions motivated me to write this book and I am confident that this book, The Investment Banking Book is the answer to such questions. The Investment Banking Book is written in language that everyone can understand. Hence, the undesirable jargon and textbook expressions are missing from the book. While writing the book, I made sincere effort to ensure that a reader feels as if I am talking and explaining the concepts to him/her in person.

While drafting the manuscript, the idea was to write a book that I wish had existed when I was trying to break into the industry.

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