"A complete nuts and bolts guide on corporate valuation, The Investment Banking Book is written for anyone interested in learning the meticulous art of valuing a company or a stock. Even a novice would have little trouble following the detailed instructions and creating a financial model for valuation of a stock in a fairly balanced manner."

Paritosh GuptaCOO, Zoomcar

"The Investment Banking Book is an excellent book for beginners as well as for professionals.This is an interesting book which takes you through the basics of investment bankings and explains all the major concepts in laymen language.This book has really helped me to understand the real investment banking.Strongly recommended for all the aspiring investment bankers and it is must read book for finance professionals who are in this field. At the end,i would like to thank author...Thanks TJ for helping me gaining knowledge and built my interest in this field."

Varun Kumar

"The Investment Banking Book - I bought this book from flipkart and started reading it a month ago. It is a must read book for all the students who aspire to get into Investment banking. A great book on basics with useful illustrations and in a very simple language which will lure you to read more and more. The book includes valuation and is very informative. Being a final year undergrad student with commerce background and almost no knowledge of investment banking, i am able to gain high confidence in the field. I just want to say a big thanks to Tapan Jindal for writing this book."

Vaibhav GuptaDelhi University

"The Investment Banking Book is surely on of the best books for getting well acquainted with the basics of Investment banking. Entry barrier is the most common difficulty faced by students when they want to learn about finance. This book, I believe is a very successful attempt at helping that. Apart from the crystal clear concepts laced with enough practical examples, the lucid language makes it even more of an utility. I would definitely recommend a reading of this book to whosoever desiring to take a step into the realms of Investment banking. Kudos to Tapan Jindal."

Mukul RustagiIIT Roorkee

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction. Tapan is one such genius. Complex IB topics are elucidated in a simple manner. If you are a beginner in the field of finance with zero knowledge, I highly recommend you to start your quest with this book. You can comprehend the concepts in a single read. Rather than dumping lot of theory, the book takes a practical approach and provides knowledge that is required in the world of capital markets."

Nishanth BabuKPMG, IIT Guwahati

"Investment banking book by Tapan Jindal is the complete bible of knowledge and concepts, both theoretical and practical, for beginners as well as professionals. Dream begins and do get fulfilled."

Archica Chopra BakshiAshok Leyland

"Investment Banking: The Dream Begins provides a highly practical and relevant guide to the valuation analysis at the core of investment banking, private equity, and corporate finance. Mastery of these essential skills is fundamental for any role in transaction-related finance. This book will become a fixture on every finance professional's bookshelf."

Ankit Jain

"Investment Banking: The Dream Begins' is a great book for beginners as well as for professionals. It is giving a good learning on investment banking right from the start."

Saurabh BindalUniversity of Virginia

"After reading this book, people's misconception that the Investment Banking industry is complicated will be broken."

Karan GoyalKings College (UK)

"As heavy as the term 'investment banking' sounds, the book simplifies it and presents it an unbelievably understandable form. The book covers all the major concepts and ensures the reader gains maximum out of it and encourages to think more about the underlying logic. A great read and highly recommended for all the aspiring investment bankers out there!"

Saloni JainMcKinsey & Co.

"The book teaches very easily the main concepts of one of the main topics of finance. It is really good medium to acquire knowledge for the investment banking aspirants. It allows building the foundation for your further practical experience and knowledge. This also helps one to prepare and revise for the interviews related to investment banking / corporate finance. I personally prefer having this book. Quite reachable for the reference."

CA. Kashish GuptaLibgem Solutions

"I think Investment Banking – The Dream Begins is a great book for entry level students and professionals. The best aspects of the book include simple language, easy to understand, and practical orientation of the topics. It moves one step ahead of academic books by teaching practical usage of various financial analysis tools."

CA. Tarun DhawanEvalueserve

"This book is one of the best books available for those looking to enter into I-Banking domain as well as those who are already working in the field of finance. It is also a good read if you want to gain an in-depth knowledge of what analysts are really learning on the street. This book also prepares you for technical-side of investment banking interview questions like valuation methods, Valuation Multiples, Private equity etc."

Rajendra Narayan BhattaEquity Rush

"The book is named ‘Investment Banking: The Dream Begins’ but actually this book helps to start our reality. Through plain and simple language it clears the fundamentals of finance and investment banking. The techniques of valuation are so well explained that it becomes very easy to understand the terminologies clearly. I must say Every Building's strength depends on the quality of base and this book makes the base strong. The concepts of this book helped me a lot at the interview where most of the questions were on concepts and fundamentals. Good luck Tapan."

CA. Mitali AgrawalCopal Partners

"Investment Banking- The Dream Begins' is the best available book to help you get into the field of Investment Banking. Its reader friendly language provides crystal clear clarity of concepts. Definitely recommended for budding Investment bankers."

Anmol Singh

"Investment Banking- The Dream Begins' is the best available book to help you get into the field of Investment Banking. Its reader friendly language provides crystal clear clarity of concepts. Definitely recommended for budding Investment bankers."

Swati GargCians Analytics

"One of those books which bridge the gap of fundamentals b/w accounting & engineering students. Written in lucid style, uncomplicated this must be on the shelf to break into investment banking."

Madhur MittalDelhi College of Engineering

"Investment Banking - by Tapan ....Quite a useful book for finance professionals who are interested in Investment Banking, M&A and Private Equity. The book provides valuable insights on these concepts in a compact way. Highly recommended for beginners to gain a good understanding on the subject...look forward to Tapan Jindal to make further enriching additions in the upcoming editions."

CA. Mohit GuptaE&Y

"This is...The Dream Begins...Really.... I got my career interest on IB because of this book. This is a shortcut get-way BOOK to understand abt Investment Banking World. This Investment Banking -Book is simple to read with financial terms and 100% Meaningful.... Many Thanks to the Author........TJ."

Debajyoti Mohanty

“Found this book to have some great ideas, probably read it before I was ready to as my investment Banking knowledge was not up to some of the ideas in the book. Still found the book great to read and will definitely read in the future.”

Gautam RankawatMcKinsey & Co.

“I have gone through most of the books written on IB filed but, this book, I have found to be filling the void between industrial requirements and a beginner’s knowledge about it. It has kept its material very much clinging to the required domain and has the most simplistic approach to the subject matter. The fundamental technicalities of Valuation and Company analysis have been explained in a self explanatory and descriptive manner. So if one wants to have a pragmatic initial approach towards Investment banking and Equity Research, this is the book, to start with....”

Abhishek DixitCopal Partners

“I take an opportunity to recommend this book to one and all who wants to get a grip on their financial knowledge. The book beautifully not only explains the theoretical part but also depicts its practical aspects in a language that can easily be related to. I was astounded on the ease with which the book covers all the key topics and explains it any newbie who picks it up.”

Ajay Singh KatariaCopal Partners

“I strongly recommend this book to all those who aspire to begin their career in investment banking. It provides an excellent understanding of all the basic concepts which will make you feel confident about investment banking world once you are through with this book. The book has been a great learning. It's a must read book.”

CA. Sanjoli PansariAnalec Securities

“Investment Banking by Tapan Jindal is one of the best guides for those interested in Investment Banking. The language of the book is very simple and therefore comprehensible by a layman too. The concepts are very briefly and clearly explained in the book. I could relate many concepts with the job I am performing. It helped me in grasping the concepts and terminology used by Investment Bankers. I would say that this book is the best tool for anyone in the Finance Industry. Even for a beginner it is the best start up tool!”

Saurabh SahniCopal Partners

“This book literally helped me a lot to gain knowledge about investment banking and related stuff. The way it has explained various technical words has helped me to grasp things very quickly and easily. I was not able get the best justifiable definition for the 'Enterprise Value' earlier but the definition this books has provided me, has satisfied me and given me a justifiable definition to present out. I wish Tapan all the best for this book and hope that all will like this book as self explanatory and understandable.”

CA. Ankush AgarwalPNB

“'Investment Banking - The Dream Begins': The book explains all the concepts in a vanilla language and also provides practical exposure on the same. The content coverage is great and it's a self explanatory book. Has been a great learning.”

CA. Priya ThukralEvalueserve

“This book by Tapan Jindal guided me through structure, operations, research process and real time knowledge of investment banking, It helped me to relate my theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Unlike other books, the concepts are made understood in the easiest way that makes it more interesting and informative.”

Chirag BansalCopal Partners

"Investment Banking by Tapan Jindal, in every sense is excellent as a basis for investment banking. It has such plain and simple, or as you always say, vanilla language, that any body can understand the basics of finance and valuations. If I being from a science background could understand the basics of finance, then anybody who reads this book is bound to get an easier grasp over things. Just want to say a big thank you to you, for writing this book for people like me and making them understand the nuances of finance."

Abhinav BhagatStandards & Poors

“After reading the book, 1stthing comes into my mind besides ‘Wow’ is simply brilliant. The book covers the very basic concepts of finance and the in-depth knowledge related to investment banking domain. Good coverage of the practical examples helps to understand the concepts in the easiest way. The book is a great help to revise the concepts before the interviews. Thank You Tapan”

CA. Nitant GuptaE&Y

"The best part about this book is that it is very concise and yet covers all the important aspects related to IB. The book is a must read for all management students aspiring to break into IB. It will help them clear their fundamentals and build a strong base. The knowledge gained will help them in their internships and B-School finance competitions. This book was the primary source of reference when I participated in IIM Indore’s IPO Valuation competition. Thanks to the concepts explained in this book, my team bagged the first position."

Jashaniot Singh SekhonIIM Indore

"Investment Banking: The Dream Begins"... a good book on basics of investment banking with useful illustrations. The book is extremely useful for corporate lawyers as well as for tax practitioners working on PE/ Finance space. Congratulations to Tapan on a good effort."

Ashutosh Mohan RastogiAmicus Services

"Being from an engineering background, I did not have much knowledge about Investment Banking. But this an interesting book which takes you through the basics of Investment Banking (including valuation) and is very informative. Anyone interested in this field, should read this book at least once."

Yash GuptaIIT Roorkee

"The book 'Investment Banking: The Dream Begins’ covers a very important aspect of investment banking – the linkage with practical concepts. It gives aspiring candidates a sneak peak into the lives of investment bankers and analysts. Through this book, the author has addressed a long felt need of every IB student. The contents have been chosen very judiciously and use of undesirable jargon is missing, which makes the reading very smooth and concepts easier to understand."

CA. Ravi GuptaFidelity Investments

"One of the best books to start with for a person looking for a career in Investment banking. It is like the book conversing with you and explaining one of the toughest tasks in a very simple and easy to apprehend language. Book correctly stated the work agenda of an investment banker presenting a true depiction of how hectic is the work of this industry. It also covered all the important topics which any 1000 pager book will have but with a more realistic and practical outlook and just theoretical aspects."

Deepak KapoorCollege of Business Studies

"The IB Book by Tapan Jindal truly lives up to its name by providing you an insight of Investment Banking. The book defines and explains the Investment banking domain in the simplest form possible. The use of simple language coupled with examples makes the learning process very easy and most efficient. The book not only provides you theoretical knowledge but also explains its practical application. It has certainly helped me in understanding the Investment banking industry in a great way. I would recommend this book to all who are trying to break in this Industry."

Gurpreet SachdevaAnalec Securities

"...Apparently positioned as a quick and complete conceptual guide. However, those looking for something on the "practical aspects" of valuation and investment banking will be pleasantly surprised to have all under one roof. This book by Tapan Jindal imparts an unparalleled clarity and rationale in the inter-linkages between financial concepts, making valuation a logical rather than a mathematical exercise. The author made each component/concept fit like clockwork making the guiding principles absolutely clear, which deserves a second look..."

Jagadeesh BasinaE&Y


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