The book tries to fulfil an important need as a valuable training material for trainers; a reliable handbook for students, aspiring analysts/investment bankers; first source of reference for investment bankers/analysts; and a how-to-do-valuation guide for anyone willing to learn/perform valuations. So, whether you are new to the investment banking industry, hoping to start your career in investment banking profession or just looking to brush up on your knowledge or in the business of providing trainings on financial modelling and valuation, we are sure that this book will help sharpen your skills. We believe that The Investment Banking Book appeals to readers around the globe as it advocates the logical approach and universal fundamentals.

This book assumes no previous knowledge of finance or accounts or investment banking (although a basic understanding of financial terms is an added advantage) and is written in an accessible style. Each topic is introduced carefully and there is a gradual building of knowledge.

The fifth edition of the book is thoroughly reviewed and updated with hundreds of small changes and a few large changes to keep the text up-to-date, with particular emphasis on updating the real-world examples and including the latest changes in the financial environment and financial theory. Some of the changes affect all chapters, some involve reorganizing sections among chapters, and some modify material covered within specific chapters.

The contents of the 5th edition are as below.

Chapter 1: Investment Banking – An Introduction

Chapter 2: Financial Statements DNA

Chapter 3: Income Statement

Chapter 4: Balance Sheet

Chapter 5: Cash Flow Statement

Chapter 6: Financial Statements Construction

Chapter 7: M&A Transactions Accounting

Chapter 8: Financial Statements Sanitization

Chapter 9: Analysing The Financial Statements

Chapter 10: Return on Capital

Chapter 11: Time Value of Money

Chapter 12: Valuation Overview

Chapter 13: Enterprise Value

Chapter 14: Comparable Company Analysis

Chapter 15: Comparable Deal Analysis

Chapter 16: Discounted Cash Flows Analysis (DCF)

Chapter 17: Mergers and Acquisitions

Chapter 18: Addendum - Excel Shortcuts and Bloomberg Functions

Investment Banking At A Glance